The one that almost got away...

Remember Meagan and Jerimiah? Well, I was getting ready to burn their images to a disk and I thought to myself... wait a minute... there's one missing!

When I had gone back and doubled checked, sure enough, I had missed one!

I processed these images out of order because she needed some sooner than later, so I got her the ones she needed first... which caused me to forget to process one! O_o  Whoops... my bad!  But I processed it and I think it's pretty awesome (they look so awesome with their Gears of War lancers!!) so I wanted to share it with all of you! ^_^

Here it is!

[Click image to view slightly larger version]

Megan and Jerimiah

Megan and Jerimiah are getting married in April (Yay!  Congratulations, guys!), and getting engaged means it's time for an engagement shoot! Megan and Jeremiah are also huge Gears of War fans.

Megan and Jerimiah are also fun people.

Megan and Jerimiah... ... ...

Haha, sorry, I had to.

SO... putting all those things together, Megan told me that she didn't want a "normal" engagement shoot, so we had some fun with it!

We did the shoot at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks for a more industrial look, incorporated some lancers from the game, and then made sure to capture some goofy moments to really display what Megan and Jerimiah's relationship is like... FUN!

I processed this set a little differently than I usually do, because since we were inspired by a video game, I wanted to give them a slightly more surreal feel.

 (Click horizontal images to view slightly larger version)