Stretch! REALLY stretch!

Today was another shoot with Joe Joyce! We were photographing the lovely Jaime (Joe, if you're reading this, please correct me on the spelling of her name if it's wrong XD ), in her fitness gear to accompany an article that she wrote for a fitness magazine. Joe and I started off at a diner to fuel up and discuss a few things before heading off to the location to re-scout out the location (I say "re-scout", because Joe had already been there prior to today to check it out. He was just familiarizing *me* with it this morning).

It was cold.

Very, very cold.

Let me give you an idea of how cold it was this morning: I showed up wearing a turtle neck, under a turtle neck (no that wasn't a repeat typo), under a hoodie, under a zip up hoodie (not a typo again), under a thicker zip up hoodie jacket, under my winter coat. I had all 4 hoods pulled up from the time we got there until the time we left. I was also wearing leggings under tall socks, under my jeans... and my butt was STILL cold. I had my puma sneakers on, which apparently aren't insulated enough because I couldn't feel my toes by the end of it... and my *hands*... I had gloves on, but forget about it. XD

BUT... despite all that, it was totally worth it and a fun shoot.

We definitely had some adventures though. During the very first part of the shoot, there was an older gentlemen that asked as he walked by, if we were shooting for Playboy. KEEP IN MIND that Jamie was wearing running pants and a wind-breaker. It's not like she was wearing just a sports bra up top... she was totally covered in every way... but he asked us if we were shooting for Playboy??? Yeah, I dunno. XD

Then during a later part of the shoot, a gust of wind came by and caught the soft box, tipping the light stand over. Joe and I saw it at the same time, and we both *went* for it... but alas, the Alienbee is no more. (But don't worry... ::looks at cue card:: There was... ::looks at cue card:: ... definitely a sandbox...bag... sandbag... ::squints at cue card:: on the light...s...stand, so it wasn't... ::squints and pauses:: ... ... oh... it wasn't our FAULT.) :D :D :D

Luckily, Joe came prepared and there was a spare in his SUV.

I also taught Joe how to correctly pronounce "Umbrella" (Um-BRELL-a... not "UM-brella"). XD

All in all it was a great experience, once again, shooting with Joe Joyce, and I look forward to many more! (And I mean that... there's at least 3 more that I'm lined up for right now to work with him on... not to mention the shoots he'll be working with *me* on...)

Speaking of which... I have, in the course of 24 hours lined up 2.5 gigs, that you should be hearing about in the near future.

I say 2.5 because the 3rd hasn't really been discussed in detail... just mentioned... so I'm not *quite* counting that one yet until it's actually *set*, because human beings are finicky creatures. :D

Saturday, April 2nd, I will be shooting the Lovely Jill D. It's going to be a fun location shoot... probably somewhere in Harrisburg, Pa. Then I'm speaking with another lovely lady about setting up a shoot for up here in the Allentown area in the near future. That date hasn't been *set* yet, but it's being figured out at the moment. And the THIRD... I'm not even going to bother mentioning right now because it's farther from being set than it is... to... being set. XD It just doesn't make sense to count your cute, adorable, lovable, baby chicks before they hatch, you know? ;)

UGH... and then... the BAIN of my existence at the moment... (not really, haha)... Week 2 of the 52 (or so) week project is due tomorrow.


I've taken a few abstracts, but lets be honest... I SUCK. at abstracts. I've gotten lucky on a few... but it seems like when I'm *intentionally* looking for abstract shots... they hide from me. So I may go out again tomorrow to search for an interesting abstract form of some kind and we'll see what I come up with before my husband's and mine evening plans tomorrow.

Alright. Enough babble for now...

For your enjoyment... (and I can't believe I'm doing this)...and as a reward for reading through this whole post... I present to you...

ME! Freezing my ass off for the love of photography... holding a grey card for Joe!

If Joe gives me permission to show a couple of the finished images we got from the shoot with Jaimie today, I'll post them up when they're finished. ^_^ But of course... that's totally up to him. CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Networking is fun!

After grabbing a Redbull on the way home from my outing today, drinking a *little* too much for my own good, and knocking out some cleaning and random conversation with friends... I decided to sit down and write you a little... something. Today I met with a fellow photographer, Joe Joyce (, because I'm going to be helping him out on a shoot this weekend, so we wanted to discuss the details. Talking with Joe is always a fun time because we're just two people who are totally on fire for photography and as a result can go on for hours talking about it, haha. He's got some ideas in the works for shoots he would like my help on, and vice versa, so it should be tons of fun.

One thing he had mentioned was the fact that he had stumbled upon a blog of mine via my personal Facebook profile that wasn't linked in any way to my website, photoblog, or anything of the like. I explained to him that it was because that was my "personal" blog and since it had nothing to do with photography, I really felt it had no business associating with any of my photography outlets...

It was at that time that Joe pointed out something to me that I had heard once before... people tend to enjoy photography blogs that aren't necessarily *just* about photography. Obviously the premise *for* the blog would *be* photography, but considering there's more to a person than their camera and their work, sometimes it's nice to have a personal touch on things.

I'm inclined to agree with him, since some of my favorite photography blogs definitely do give a little insight to the person behind the camera.

That being said, the fact that Joe was so quick to guess that I was a Gemini based on my personality and the habits he's learned of me during the short time we've known each other, sort of keeps me from wanting to assault you all with every detail of my life, as it may frighten some of you... and not that I put any stock in zodiac signs but... I *am* a Gemini... ;) So I thought about it some more, and I decided that it *is* probably actually possible for me to put a bit more of a personal spin on my blog entries here without having to necessarily disturb you with tales of hormonal mood swings or 4am musings about why I think my cat does the little things he does... (although, Robin certainly *is* entertaining at times, so I can't promise his stories won't make an appearance from time to time...), but I think I definitely want to try this whole letting you "get a peak behind the camera" thing.

We'll see how it goes. XD

But anyway, I digress.

Joe and I will be collaborating this weekend on a shoot of his... and possibly another shortly after. My website is launched, the new blog is launched, the Facebook page is launched (HAVE YOU LIKED THE FACEBOOK PAGE? LIKE IT! ) and I'm ready to move forward.

Faded Fortune (remember when I said they were donzo? Well they're not. They had some member changes and are kicking it back in gear again... and pretty quickly, I might add...) needed some new promo shots so the guitarist's parents, who are also photographers, took them in the studio the other week and I edited their shots. I won't be posting those, however, because I didn't actually take the photos. Although maybe I'll get bored and ask for permission to do so just to show you how I edited them.

Aside from the studio shots, Nick, the guitar player, wanted some new live shots of them since there are only 2 original members remaining. That is obviously where I come in to play. So that shoot happened this past weekend and I'm going through them now.

All I have to say is Mama wants a wide-angle.

It would just make life easier.

I can get around it but...

Mama wants a wide-angle. (Anyone caring to donate to the "Mama needs a new lens" foundation, message me and I'll link you to Mama's paypal account ;) XD ).

I've also been corresponding with some models and mapping out ideas on my own for future shoots, so hopefully some fun stuff is in the works for the near future!

Considering there is a war being waged in my body at the moment, as I had a fever of 101.5 Monday night, felt better today, but am currently experiencing a climb back up in temperature as I type, I think I'm going to call it an early night tonight. ...But that's what's happening in my life, photographically speaking, right now. ^_^

-Emily Rose

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