Harddrive Tour – Part Two: Seven Day Sonnet

So a while ago I created a blog post about shooting the Harddrive Tour back in April (Harddrive Tour - Part One:  Emphatic).  I have been trying to get through these images SINCE the day of the second show, haha, but as life would have it... other priorities and other shoots had to take the driver's seat. However, this week, I had a window, so I took and got one of the other bands done!  (HURRAH!)

This is Seven Day Sonnet! :D

UNFORTUNATELY... the drum riser at Croc Rock was RIDICULOUSLY tall... and the drummer had a large number of cymbals that blocked literally every view of him that I attempted to get... so he's not in this set.  :(

And you can't accuse me of forgetting about the drummers... 'cause I married one... so I'm ALWAYS thinking about them because I know how they tend to get shafted in photos... however this was a completely unavoidable situation.  And since I wasn't *WITH* the band, I couldn't exactly crawl on stage to get shots of him like I would for Faded Fortune (or like I *will* for Crobot :D ).  Had I been able to talk to them before hand, I may have been able to gain permission to do so, but that wasn't the case.

I was also disappointed by the fact that they had jumped off the tour by the time the second show I shot (I think that was about 3 or 4 days later) came around.  I was hoping to be able to grab shots of the drummer *then*... but they didn't play that show.

Such is life.

BUT... this is some of what I *DID* get from that night...

To view the rest of the set, click here:  Seven Day Sonnet on Flickr

In OTHER news...

You'll notice that the blog page probably won't be updated in a little while.  A month and a half at least, to be exact.  Why?

Well, because I'm leaving my current "day job" to go on tour :D

I got a position as a sound engineer on a Matt Davenport production that is touring a few times this year and the first leg of the tour is in about 2 weeks.

I'll be flying out to Nashville on August 31st and I won't be back in PA until about October 19th.  While I'm on the road I will not have access to a computer (...my iPhone... that's about it... and whatever laptops the cast and crew bring with them if they happen to be generous enough to allow me to jump on one once in a while), but I WILL be taking Tewey with me.

How can I go on tour and NOT take my camera?  Seriously... you should know me better than that. :P

What images will I bring back?  I'm not entirely sure... it depends on where we go and whether or not I have enough time before and after shows... but I'm hoping to get some "behind the scenes" documentary style images of the set... set up and tear down... cast getting ready to perform... cast hanging out after the performance... etc.

Like I said... I'm *hoping* to... don't hold me to that though, because this tour can go very differently than what I'm expecting, haha.

So I just wanted to let you know what was up and why I may seem absent for a bit.

But I have some projects lined up for my return, so you'll definitely be hearing from me again shortly after I get back!! CLICK HERE and 'like' Emily Rose Photography on Facebook!

Harddrive Tour - Part One: Emphatic

WHEW! So here we go! I had a lot of stuff hit me all at once and I've been editing myself CRAZY trying to catch up, haha!

A few weeks ago... maybe a few more than a few weeks ago... The Harddrive tour came through my hometown. Once again, my friend Joe Joyce knew a guy who knew a guy who knew ANOTHER guy... okay so it wasn't that complicated... but he had connections that enabled us to score some photo passes for the Allentown show at the Crock Rock (and then a later show in West Chester at The Note). That was a TOTALLY awesome experience for me because 1. Photographing bands... SCORE! and 2. Seeing an awesome show by a handful of great bands... SCORE AGAIN!

UNFORTUNATELY, we missed the first band of the night at Crock Rock due to some mis-communication that landed JOE on the list... but left little ol' me out in the street. Joe made a few phone calls, and things were cleared up so I was good to go, but by the time we finally got in the first band was in the middle of their last song. So that was a bummer, but life goes on.

The bands I got to see (and photograph) included Emphatic, Seven Day Sonnet, Madam Adam, Rev Theory, and Saliva. Like I said... awesome. :D

The first group of images I present to you, as the title suggests, are of Emphatic. Man, let me tell you these guys were entertaining to watch! They're a great band and they put on a great stage show. They were tons of fun to photograph... a bit of a challenge with all that movement, but fun none the less!

Without further ado... Here are some images from those two shows: