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The other day I let Robin, my kitty, outside on the porch to play. When he came inside, he went straight for his bowl of food, and then once he was done with that, he walked through the living room to a spot on the floor uncovered by the throw rug, right up against the wall.

He had been doing this consistently for the past week or so, and I finally decided to photograph him, as he looked as if he were thinking, "MAN, it's hot out there! Being a cat is hard work..."

cute grey white tuxedo cat
cute grey white tuxedo cat

I think he's simply adorable. But I may be entirely biased... Haha.


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My cat is too damned smart!

As I was tidying up the room a bit, I noticed that my cat, Robin (yes I realize it's a somewhat ironic name), was curled up tight into a little ball with his "arms" covering his face. I, of course, thought it was adorable and wanted to get a quick shot of it. I had intended to caption it with: "Turn off the light, Mom!" But my cat is too damned smart.

Robin and Tewey don't get along so well. Every time I point my camera at him, Robin stops whatever amusing thing he's doing, or he simply runs the other direction. And this behavior started *before* I acquired my flash. He doesn't like my camera. I don't know why.

So of course the SECOND I point it at him, to capture this adorable, captionable pose he was in, he snaps his head out of position and gives me a look as if to say "Really? We're doing *this* again?"

Little brat. XD

So instead of my image captioned "Turn off the light, Mom!", I ended up with this:

Whispering Secrets

Before I start to dive into the 4 weeks of backed up band shows, I decided to hit up some shots for fun :)

I doubt anyone else will see it the way I do, but it makes me giggle (it's my baby, so of course it does... ), and I thought I'd share. ^_^