Welcome to Nashville!

Remember that tour I said I was going on to run audio for? Well, I'm here! ^_^

I'm trying something new... A few new things actually.

The first being mobile publishing. Right now I'm writing from my iPhone because I don't have a computer with me, so this will be an interesting adventure, haha. I can also almost guarantee that my posts will be much shorter as a result... I hate typing large amounts on my phone, haha. Although, who knows... Maybe I'll get used to it. :D

Second... I'm going to be snapping pics with my iPhone and posting them here as I go along just to share my experience with all of you! I figured there's no sense in letting my blog go stale... And while this *is* a photography blog, audio is another big part of my life, so why keep it tucked away? Plus... I'll STILL be posting images, as I mentioned... Just of the mobile, snapshot, variety, haha.

I also have my ever faithful Tewey here with me! (Did you REALLY think I'd go on tour *without* him?!)

It's probably very likely though that you won't see those images until I return, however.

So without further ado...


I am TERRIFIED of flying, haha.

I was sitting in the airport, heart racing, legs bouncing restlessly... Just thinking about being on that plane in the next hour had me all worked up.

The WORST part of the flight for me is always takeoff for some reason. I dunno why, but I'm always the most nervous during takeoff.

Once we were in the air and sailing smoothly for a small time, I was able to relax a bit. While I was sitting there, I did what many other people do and I took a couple of "cloud" shots.

Here they are:


Today was the first day at the office for me. I got everything set up and ready to go. Once things are running more smoothly and more on "auto-pilot", I'll be able to stop once in a while to take a few "behind the scenes" shots here and there, so stay tuned for that! ^_^